Deer Stalking in England

At Deer Stalking in England we aim to give our clients a wonderful stalking and hunting experience. We have three main stalking guides, Rob, who takes out the majority of our clients and also Mark and Kimberly. We can cater for unexperienced and experienced stalkers. If you haven't been stalking before we ask that you spend a bit of time on our range: the guides can give you pointers and run through the safety aspects before your stalk. This will also give you a chance to get used to the estate rifle that you may be using.

Our ground is based in East Anglia and we have a wide range of species. We have muntjac and fallow on our Suffolk ground and muntjac, roe and red on our Norfolk ground. We also have access to Chinese water deer as well as a deer park.

Alexandre Bode with Roe Buck

Alexandre Bode with his roe buck.


We have been managing deer for over 20 years on estates in East Anglia. We have some top class stalking with excellent animals as well as cull deer. We have associated stalking across the UK. We hold the stalking rights on 10000 acres of land and work closely with other estates giving us around 30000 acres of stalking ground.

Old fashioned standards together with a modern outlook are essential for the smooth running of a deer stalking and shooting business.

Our other area of expertise is wild boar and large game in France and other areas of Europe, where we are the sole UK agents for a number of top class parks and open forest shoots including mountain game in the Pyrenees and Southern Alps. Set in the most stunning areas of Western Europe, a hunting trip to remember.

Leave your whole experience to us whether stalking in England or driven boar in France. With our staff at Deer Stalking in England you can expect a wonderful hunting experience.



European Wild Boar and Large Game

On our European shoots, the standard is equally as high. One day and two day shooting trips are the norm but we can arrange a week away for a team with everything laid on from shooting to wine tasting and of course a visit to Paris if required. Partners are always welcome and with fantastic accommodation and countryside there is something for everyone.