Deer Management, Census, Population Dynamics, Culling & Fencing

We manage wild deer all over Norfolk, Suffolk and  East Anglia. Garden problems, Live capture and culling. We can manage deer on farmland as well as small areas. Safe work carried out in a professional manner. 

The number of deer in this country are at a level higher than that of medieval england. Muntjac are expanding there hold over the country at a rate of 1 Mile per year and with Chinese Water Deer having multiple fawns (up to 6 have been recorded) we are all soon going to have our own population even if they are not with us yet. 

With this goes land management issues as well as the ever-increasing number of road accidents caused by deer. At Glemham we offer a service of visits ,advice and census work together with management by culling which in many cases will be free to the landowner as we will do this for the carcass value. We can also give advice on its own ,regarding fencing, protection and census work.



Where culling is unsafe or will be ineffective, fencing may be the olny option. We can advise on this aspect of deer management and carry out work on your behalf. High high standard of workmanship together with top quality materials will add up to a job made to last.

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Happy customers.


Dear Mark,

Your team continue to perform Stirling  work even though dawn and dusk are at such inconvenient times at this time of year!

We still see muntjac on most days at varying times of the morning or evening, but the damage to the garden has lessened considerably – we are delighted, keep coming!

I was awake early this morning and noticed that one of your group had successfully shot at least one animal.

Best wishes,





Good Morning Mark,

Just a quick thank you for sending Rob to us. Hes a lovely Guy and doing a brilliant job. Much appreciated.






Dear Mark,

Just a quick line to say keep up the good work. The damage in the garden is now far less than before and we are able to grow something other than daffodils! Your team are always friendly and curtious so thank you and keep up the good work.





Super Rob.

Hi Mark,

Please thank Rob for dispatching yet another Muntjac in the garden last night. You offer a very friendly and professional service..........

Kind regards